Friday, October 30, 2009


Yes, that's right. A bit early, but not by much.

From the desk of J.S. Graustein:

Since all the school children are wearing their costumes today, I decided that Halloween is already here. From now until 1 December 2009, all print chapbooks will be sold for $8 (list is $9). This will include postage (to anywhere in the world) and tax (if mailed to California). Folded Word would also like to give Mel's friends/fans a treat by offering them a signature option on his chapbook for an extra $1. And no, Mel is not pocketing the buck for his golden scribble. It's for the extra envelope and stamps.

Cheers! J.S.

...There you have it. I love you guys. The quality of this hand-bound chapbook is ridiculously awesome. In addition to receiving either a signed or unsigned chapbook, you also get the promise of a ridiculously awesome hug should we ever meet.

Thanks, everyone.

Best, Mel

11/30/2009 Notice: The personally signed option is no longer available. However, if you really want me to sign it, and I would absolutely love to, I'm sure we can work something out. Drop either me or Folded Word a note.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pre-Orders Begin on Halloween

Pre-Orders for what?

Pre-Orders for these, the first two chapbooks in the Signature Series from Folded Word Press.

Chapbook release on November 10th, 2009. Available as an e-book and a hand-crafted print chapbook.

Chapbook release on November 19th, 2009. Available as an e-book and a hand-crafted print chapbook.

Please visit Folded Word here for more information about the release of the chapbooks, the launch of unFold, and how to get yourself a free PDF copy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

VIPs on vsf & 3 Things I Like

Laura Ellen Scott is super nice, and VIPs on vsf is super cool. Laura asked me recently if I'd like to run my mouth there, so that's what I did. Read my contribution here. Be sure to read the rest too. VIPs on vsf is like a crazy little candy store.

And, as promised, some fun things I've come across this week not involving me:

The Polymath by Jason Lee Norman

Forwarding Address by Eric Beeny

She Wolf by Shakira

Sunday, October 18, 2009

> kill author #3

(click image to enlarge. note: ethan hawke was not harmed in the making of this drawing.)

The editorial anonymity rolls on, as does the bounty of stellar content.

This issue's crop yields goodness from Ajay Vishwanathan, Amanda Marbais, Audri Sousa, Drew Kalbach, Eric Beeny, Garrett Socol, Howie Good, Jason Jordan, Lisa Lim, Michelle Reale, Neil de la Flor, Phoenix Likely, Richard Santos, R L Swihart, and U.V.Ray.

Read it all here. Read my contribution here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dogzplot Flash Fiction

New Dogzplot Flash Fiction.

Tiny bites by me, Ethel Rohan, Brian Le Lay, Amanda Montei, Nate East, Bob Jacobs, Brett Fogarty, Brendan O'Brien.

Thanks to Barry.

Friday, October 16, 2009


(artwork courtesy of Tia Prouhet)

Be good. Beardman is always watching.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yellow Mama #16

16 is my lucky number, and today issue #16 of Yellow Mama hit the cyber-streets with a vengeance.

I have a story in this issue called Dog. But before you rush to read the story (ha ha) indulge me for a moment while I tell you a little tale about this one.

I wrote this story many many moons ago. It was accepted many many moons ago. But it wasn't your usual acceptance. It was actually rejected at first. Flat out. And I was chastised, politely, for thinking that I could submit a story about bestiality. After some head scratching and a friendly exchange of emails, the story was accepted. With laughter.

Anyway. I'll shut up now. Yellow Mama is badass. It's named after an electric chair for cry eye. Check it out.

....bad haiku and news not involving me coming soon. Promise. I'm getting sick of me too.

The Hamper Affair at Clean Sheets

(click image to enlarge)

Clean Sheets Erotica Magazine has been offering up the goods since 1998.

Each week they provide readers with photography, fiction, poetry, and more.

This week my story The Hamper Affair leads the charge in the erotic fiction section.

Give yourself a break from being so serious all the time. Get a laugh. If my story arouses you, please keep it to yourself.

(email me!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thirst For Fire

Quench your thirst. The fire has arrived.

The list of pyromaniacs is staggering.

Adrian Stone.
Matt DeBenedictis.
Nate Innomi.
Gregg Willard.
Kenneth Radu.
Jim Parks.
Roxane Gay.
Ben Spivey.
Mark Richardson.
Michael J. Martin.
David Erlewine.
Ethel Rohan.
Margaret Christi.
Teresa Houle.
Will Spires.
Black Conrad.

Read my contribution here. Read the rest here. Read, burn, ha.

Thanks to Thirst For Fire for bringing back the heat.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Manic Funday

DJ Berndt is a visual artist. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the title page for my new story Beautiful Broken at PANGUR BAN PARTY.

This place is hot. While you're there, check out work from Eric Beeny, Sam Pink, David Peak, Ben Brooks, Greg Santos, xTx and more.

Speaking of xTx, have you downloaded her ebook Nobody Trusts a Black Magician today?

Make Monday good again.

Hugs, high fives, and bottles of whiskey for everyone.

Nobody Trusts a Black Magician

This is big, ladies and gentlemen. Christmas comes early this year.

The inimitable xTx has done it again, this time with the love and support of P.H. Madore's NONPRESS.

Nobody Trusts a Black Magician is available (FOR FREE!) as a PDF, EPUB, and a series of MP3S.

Do read and do listen. You're not likely to experience something like this again in 2009.

Sometimes playful, sometimes dark, and always brutally honest, Nobody Trusts a Black Magician is a true showcase of the versatility of xTx. That's right, no broken records in her collection, just pure jazz.

If you've come this far without clicking something, go get it HERE.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Twitter Fiction Gets Some Love from MSNBC

Tiny fiction gets some much deserved attention. Congrats to JS Graustein of Folded Word, David Erlewine and Robert Swartwood. The revolution is underway. Excellent work, all.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Putting Words in My Mouth on ZooTube

Yeah. Yeah, I did it. I made a YouTube channel and I made one video and then another and now...


In any case, I'm enjoying this tiny little project. The channel is called "Mel Bosworth Reads Things" and it's exactly that. Me reading things. Things written by other people, maybe you.

I'm not taking submissions per se, but instead tapping on shoulders. People have responded well to the tapping and I'm glad. Thank you to those who have answered the tapping. If I tap on your shoulder please say yes. You'll be glad too. Maybe.

Like any new online project, it's come storming out of the gates. Let's see if I can keep it up. People agreeing to let me read their stuff helps. And so does new subscribers.

The 20th subscriber to my channel will win a prize. I haven't figured out what it will be yet because I'm not sure I'll get 20 subscribers.

**Amendment: I'm an idiot. Seeing as a person can more or less position themselves to jump into the 20th follower slot, I'll be giving out the prize at random to one of the first 20 followers. Make sense?

Now go be pretty.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dogen Said That

My first crack at YouTube. Terrifying.

...I dare you to follow my channel. While you're there, follow Folded Word and Shape of a Box. Be a hero. Be my hero.

LITnIMAGE: Autumn 2009 Issue

It's a full moon this October evening, and I have a new story in the autumn issue of LITnIMAGE featuring words from R.A. Allen, Kevin Dickinson, D.E. Fredd, Len Joy, Brandi Wells, and Irene Westcott.

Images provided by Sean Boyles & Abraham Menor(who are also featured in a video interview), Orna Ben-Shoshan, Anne LaBrie, and Christopher Woods.

Thanks to LITnIMAGE and Roland Goity.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

LAMINATION COLONY's "This is Not Not a Contest " Finalists & Winner

Dig it all HERE. Dig me HERE. Dig it til it's dug. Then dig it again. Punk.

Big ups to Christian TeBordo, Ben Segal, Darby Larson, Drew Kalbach, Sasha Fletcher, Mark Doten, James Chapman, Andrew Borgstrom, Bobby Alter.

Big ups to Blake Butler.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Another month.

Two amazing things(well, more than two, technically):

Dispatch 13 from Dispatch Litareview. Silk drama by Duncan Whitmire and a sweet song by Mike Young. Artwork by the ubiquitous Christy Call.

P.H. Madore is tireless. He is a man without nap. Someone get that man a nap.

Second, the new edition of elimae. xTx, Jimmy Chen, Meg Pokrass, Howie Good, Tim Jones-Yelvington, more. Go.

...So much out there. These are only two. Well, more than two, technically.