Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On the Lam, The Return of MBRT, Unstoppable Dark Sky

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Lamination Colony releases their 2010 issue, starring all your favorite heroes: Amber Sparks, xTx (who also tore up Metazen earlier this week), James Tadd Adcox, Gregory Sherl, and many more.

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MBRT (Mel Bosworth Reads Things) returns this week over at Dark Sky Magazine. This series will feature the DSM Chapbook finalists and winner. Mike Meginnis starts it off. Stay tuned for other finalists Andrew Borgstrom, Christy Crutchfield, and winner Gregory Sherl.

Dark Sky also drops the info on their forthcoming releases. Unreal. Unstoppable.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sparks and LIT Brighten a Gloomy Monday

It's mild here in western Mass, which is nice. It's also a little gray and drizzly. But that's okay. Because it's mild. And I am here. And good things happen.

The wonderful Amber Sparks writes up a review of my novella. The review is just as wonderful as she is. Here's a sampling:

"Mel’s novella captures perfectly the sweetness and the sourness of young long-distance love, the awe found in beginnings mixed with the solemn dreams of endings, and mixes them together as only a gifted but also an exceptionally big-hearted writer could. It’s the mix of craft and just a little bit of gut-punch, of head and heart, that make this one such a winning little story."

Read her entire review HERE. Wowie.

And LITnIMAGE brings the autumn goodness with their new issue. Check out new work from Garrett Socol, Michelle Reale, Gay Degani, and more.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sands is Truly Sorry He Ruined Your Orgy

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Bradley Sands' new book Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy, featuring the story The Time Traveling Giraffe is on Fire, is out and about and ready for your love.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Resurgence of Color

October continues to pop with color.

Foundling Review releases its Special Issue, featuring outstanding work by Sheldon Lee Compton, Ethel Rohan, Jason Jordan, and more. Bl Pawelek offers some great commentary. Check out my little contribution HERE. Thanks to the great folks at Foundling.

Orange Alert drops Episode 33. I'm listening to xTx read right now.

The trees around here don't know when to quit, and I am glad.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dr. Gay, a Giant, and The L.A. Times Walk into a Bar

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What what what?

Peeps be doing some world shakin'. Dr. Gay is fierce. FIERCE! Thanks, all, for keeping those wheels of progress greased.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn 2010

Peak foliage is pretty much over here in western Massachusetts. And it happened quickly. Probably about 4 days ago. Maybe 5. The summer drought choked the trees pretty hard. It was a hot, dry summer. Lawns were scorched yellow and brown for much of it.

But the lawns are green now. And the colors still hang. They're not as vibrant as they were just a few days ago, but they're still pretty. I think so, anyway.

Here are some pics I took this afternoon. It was 57 degrees today. Sunny, a bit breezy. I love this weather. I might not be able to bottle it, but I can blog it. Ha. I can do that.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Holy Flipping Flyday

Let's get right to it:

Ethel Rohan's Cut Through The Bone (Dark Sky Books, 2010) is now available for pre-order. Ethel also rocks the spot at Guernica today.

decomP drops their Pushcart Prize nominations. Go, Sparks!

xTx, author of the forthcoming chapbook He Is Talking to the Fat Lady, serves it up over at The Northville Review.

The perpetually youthful Roxane Gay wrote a dissertation and tells us about it.

Ampersand Books offers a sick J. Bradley deal.

Ben Tanzer is beautiful.

So is Christy Crutchfield.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grease Stains Returns

"Funny, aching, seductive and built of pitch-perfect dialog and knowing observation."

Corey Mesler, author of Following Richard Brautigan

Visit Brown Paper Publishing HERE for purchasing information.

Visit the book blog HERE.

Get you some Grease Stains.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dark Sky Splashes the Gold

Big ups to Gregory Sherl, winner of the DSM Chapbook Contest! Also big ups to finalists Mike Meginnis, Christy Crutchfield, and Andrew Borgstrom.

...soup is good food.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let Shome into your Home

Seriously. This book is amazing. And it's now available for pre-order.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

...for the longest time I used to play The Moody Blues' Tuesday Afternoon every Tuesday afternoon. It may have been a bit obsessive compulsive, but it was pleasant.

And speaking of pleasant, some extremely pleasant things happened today.

First off, Mr. Jason Behrends blasted my forthcoming novella Grease Stains with the orange spotlight over at Orange Alert. Can't thank that man enough. He is a true champion of independent artists the world over. Gonna have to buy that man a drink someday. Or a cookie. Or both.

Better Late Than Tuesday

...although Tuesday promises to be equally exciting.

MONDAY! So many amazing things happened on MONDAY! Monday is the new Friday, and lately, in my case, Monday actually IS Friday.

What happened on Monday?

Well, the crew at Dark Sky dropped their new-look website. Wow. Super slick, super awesome, super Rohan. Sweet lord. Cut Through The Bone is available for pre-order on October 15th. Yes, do some of that.

Brad Green takes over the controls for the Spotlight Series and immediately turns the brights on Joseph Young.

And Dark Sky unveils the Fall/Winter issue of their magazine. The print mag won't be released until November 15th, but fear not, friends, because you can read the whole mother online RIGHT NOW.

Giant thanks to Kevin Murphy of Dark Sky for squeezing me into the issue alongside the likes of Gabe Durham, Jensen Beach, Jac Jemc, J. Michael Wahlgren, and many more. Read an excerpt from my forthcoming novel Freight HERE.

Wow. So that happened.

Friday, October 1, 2010

from the pumpkin patch

so many things i can't possibly catch them all. but here's some of what i see:

october (my favorite month) brings the new decomp (hi, barry!).

and the new elimae (hi, bones!).

it also brings christy "honeysuckle" crutchfield center stage at softblow.

and nominations. so many well deserved nominations. pushcart, best of the net, best of the web, best of the best, yo.

congrats to dorothee lang, xTx, roxane gay, eric beeny, sheldon lee compton, steve himmer, ben loory, goddamn goddamn goddamn! too many to list. congrats to everyone. you are all heroes. HEROES! and i wish you love and luck. but you're all winners already in my book (i seriously wrote a book about you all being winners).

and in greasy news, the aforementioned sheldon lee compton (who is also a best of the human race nominee) took some time out of his busy schedule to not only read my novella, but to also write a review of it. here's a sampling:

"The journey is truly the thing with this book. Destination steps aside. And when that happens, we have a man and a woman and all else is backdrop."

read sheldon's entire review HERE. wow. thanks, shel.

and lastly, there is this little thing coming up in washington, dc:

get your ass there. oh man.

The Ancient City Unearthed

Amber Spark's Ancient City project, which was posted piecemeal at Necessary Fiction during the month of September, has officially settled HERE.

Dig work by Roxane Gay, Sheldon Lee Compton, Christy Crutchfield, Robert Kloss, Lily Hoang, Cami Park, Molly Gaudry, John Minichillo, Erin Fitzgerald, xTx, and many more.