Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guest Post: this letter to Norman Court, no. 15

this letter to Norman Court is a novella consisting of 22 sections (each around 1250 words) I am releasing by way of serializing the piece across blogs, by reader request. A little hub site is set up at www.normancourt.wordpress.com that has a listing of the blogs that have featured or will feature sections—please give it a look, get yourself all caught up if the below piques your interest.

It is my simple hope to use this as a casual, unobtrusive way to release this material to parties interested. As of now the 22 slots have all been requested (cheers to everyone for that) but if you enjoy what you read please do get in touch with me via unburiedcomments@gmail.com. I welcome any and all comments on the piece (positive, negative, or ambivalent) or general correspondence about matters literary.


Pablo D’Stair

this letter to Norman Court
Pablo D’Stair


Station I was sat in was more a kind of substation, looked like a carryout restaurant from in front and in back looked about what I expect the offices of such a restaurant’re like, thin hallway, five or six doors down along it. I was sat at a table in the third door down, told a detective’d be in shortly, that it’d be fine I wanted to smoke.
I stood when the detective entered, shook his hand to a brief little nod from him sitting down asking me did I know someone name of Klia Flake.
-I don’t know her, no, no one like that I said, sinking in behind my cigarette. I’d been really hoping things weren’t going to take this tack at all, let alone straight up in front, now just like that, one question in, I’d settled into the version of things I’d have to keep up, no room to get an idea what angle was being presented, bide my time.
-You don’t know her husband, maybe? Herman Flake?
-I don’t.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Go Big or Go Small

This is a guest post by Caleb J Ross as part of his Stranger Will Tour for Strange blog tour. He will be guest-posting beginning with the release of his novel Stranger Will in March 2011 to the release of his second novel, I Didn’t Mean to Be Kevin in November 2011. If you have connections to a lit blog of any type, professional journal or personal site, please contact him. To be a groupie and follow this tour, subscribe to the Caleb J Ross blog RSS feed. Follow him on Twitter: @calebjross.com. Friend him on Facebook: Facebook.com/rosscaleb

Mr. Bosworth is fast becoming a small press staple, having authored When the Cats Razzed the Chickens from Folded Word, the amazing Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom from Brown Paper Publishing, and the forthcoming Freight from Folded Word, not to mention thirty-eight bajillion stories in the worldwide small-press net, a manifesto/diary about how awesome he is, and a series of masturbatory dream sequences staring his own lingerie-clad writing (nothing is more awesome than turning an author’s generosity against him by forcing him to post tons of praise on his own blog. Thanks for the blog space, Mel).

Mel has done well for himself on the small presses. But with publishing becoming more and more destabilized and options for authors to self-publish becoming more and more prevalent, the question becomes not so much one of “which publishing route will accept me?” and more “which publishing route should I choose?”

Here, I’ve outlined a few considerations for the author who has decided not to self-publish but still needs some help choosing between small and large presses.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Reading ARCs of Artistically Declined Press's secret Pop-Up release and Brian Oliu's So You Know It's Me from Tiny Hardcore Press. Very nice. Have safe and happy weekend times. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

is hot right now

sitting here sweaty.

is hot outside. humid, too.



also, this.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Artist Fight: Oberst vs Darnielle

Years ago I tried and failed to like Bright Eyes. Ultimately it was the voice. Sure, the comparisons to Dylan were a bit annoying, but yeah. The voice just didn't do it for me. Although I did enjoy At the Bottom of Everything from 2005's I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning.

Today, like, right now, I'm trying and failing to like The Mountain Goats. I'm listening to All Eternals Deck as I write this, and, in fact, I'm pretty sure this album inspired me to put together this artist fight. Again with the voice. I just can't take it.


Have at it. Who wins in a fist fight?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

this letter to Norman Court

this letter to Norman Court by Pablo D'Stair is currently being serialized around your friendly neighborhood internet. In just a few short days it'll make a stop right here.

In the meantime, however, you can catch up on what you've been missing by visiting HERE.

Also, after the serialization is complete, there will be a free e-book made available as well as a very inexpensive print edition ($3.95).

The well of Pablo D'Stair's generosity is bottomless, and that's a great thing.

Friday, May 20, 2011


i am kindled. i am feeling good about it. i still love you, paper. you know that.

Monday, May 16, 2011

pay close attention to these folks

The Collagist recently dropped their latest issue with work from Michael Kimball, J.A. Tyler, Brian Evenson, and many more. The issue also features a review of xTx's Normally Special and Lidia Yuknavitch's The Chronology of Water, among others.

Lastly, the issue boasts the results of their first annual chapbook contest. I've included the list below, highlighting a few folks that I'll be paying close attention to as the now moment continues. Congrats to everyone.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

a week has passed since my last post

it happens. hope you're doing well. the back of my neck is very tan.

someday soon i am going to go here. i long for some raw milk. i long slightly less for cheese (i am not a cheesehead, although i appreciate a nice cheese).

keep up the good work. we are all very proud of you. seriously.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting Wiggy With It

Wigleaf drops their top 50 from 2010. They also drop their longlist. Congrats to everyone, but especially to relative newcomers Christy Crutchfield & Tracy Gonzalez.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Titles|New Blogs

Coming Summer 2011 from Folded Word Press:

WOR(L)DS APART: Intersecting Journeys of Friends Who Never Met by Smitha Murthy & Dorothee Lang

Visit the book blog HERE for more information.

Available for Pre-Order now from Folded Word Press:

On Cloud 285 by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

Visit the chapbook blog HERE for more information.

...happy May. May? Wow.