Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Too funny.

Thanks again to J1, J2 & Folded Word.

A must SEE.


j said...

Should we nominate Jessie to be the next Mission Impossible team mate?

Mel Bosworth said...

Not a bad idea.

tia prouhet said...

Very cute. That dude's voice sounds so... familiar. And... magnificat.

All cute things.

Dorothee said...

wow! this idea of leaving folded words in public places is awesome. i really enjoyed the read and the you-tube clip. now i will go, print a copy of "leave me as i lessen" and leave it somewhere.

thanks for the words.


Mel Bosworth said...

Ha Ha!

Glad you enjoyed the piece.

Thanks a million times over for your support, Dorothee.