Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July News & Freshness

Happy July, all.

New decomP is live.

New Mud Luscious is live. (Go Tia Prouhet!)

Elephant Summer is in full effect.

Folded Word (Shape of a Box, PicFic, Form Reborn and soon, Heron) is always fresh.

Free Bartleby Snopes magazine (issue #2) download now available. (Make sure you check out the picture on page 33--Go xTx!)

And don't forget about their ongoing contest.

The wheels of 50 to 1 are again turning. Read my rambling first line here. (Thanks, Glen!)

My feet are currently dry.

You're pretty.


j said...

YAY! Another picture. Thanks for taking our feedback into consideration;-)

Teresa Houle said...

great links. Nice of you to promote others with the same gusto you promote yourself.

What did you get into Annalemma? When is that coming out? I'm so jealous.

Freaking Tia! Way to bust into ML. How awesome is that!?

xTx said...

wait, are you getting a titty twister in that photo?

Jenn Bower said...

I concur with the all-mighties above...great links, great pic and congrats to all.

Summer is in full thrush!

Teresa Houle said...

I thought he was being set on fire.