Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thirst For Fire

Quench your thirst. The fire has arrived.

The list of pyromaniacs is staggering.

Adrian Stone.
Matt DeBenedictis.
Nate Innomi.
Gregg Willard.
Kenneth Radu.
Jim Parks.
Roxane Gay.
Ben Spivey.
Mark Richardson.
Michael J. Martin.
David Erlewine.
Ethel Rohan.
Margaret Christi.
Teresa Houle.
Will Spires.
Black Conrad.

Read my contribution here. Read the rest here. Read, burn, ha.

Thanks to Thirst For Fire for bringing back the heat.


~otto~ said...

Halfway took me all the way

My word verification was "entes"

Robb said...

hot hot hot like fire


Mel Bosworth said...

thanks, homies.

Eric Beeny said...

Dope, dope...