Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Official

It's November 19th, 2009.

My chapbook When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories (Folded Word Press, 2009) is now officially released.

The hand-crafted, ridiculously awesome print edition is available for order HERE.

Got a Kindle? Order your Kindle version HERE.

Want something for your computer? Mobile device? That's covered too, right HERE.

Big thanks and hugs to everyone who pre-ordered & helped support the cause. You cats are awesome beyond belief. I can't wait for some Razz to land in your hands.


tia prouhet said...

ISBN #'s. Imma try and get it at the bookstore. We'll see.

xTx said...

I can't wait either!


Ethel Rohan said...

Congratulations, Mel!

~otto~ said...


My word verification was "woresse"

Mel Bosworth said...

thanks, everyone. yay!

Matt DeBenedictis said...

I can't wait to get this in my mailbox.

Mel Bosworth said...

Soon, my brother. Soon. It's pretty.

Teresa Houle said...

Soon isn't good enough Mel. Need, now, need RAZZ!

Best Word Verification EVER: login

Anonymous said...

very very very cool

will get mine

damn, dude, how exciting

balloon boy

Mel Bosworth said...

ha! thanks, da--balloon boy!