Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brown Paper Publishing

Some presses fly low under the radar, but think big. Brown Paper Publishing is one of them. With over a dozen titles in their catalog, BPP is certainly no stranger to the underground literary scene, but they may be a stranger to you. Take a moment to get to know them.

From Brown Paper Publishing:

An independent literary press representing the works of novelists and writers of short fiction, BROWN PAPER PUBLISHING is dedicated to presenting contemporary works of progressive literature.

As a not-for-profit press, literature to Brown Paper Publishing is something that must be a direct expression of an individual concerned only with the craft and nuance of the art form, something created entirely outside of the demands of a marketplace. Ideally, literature is something that should be created without regard for publication, distribution, critique or even readership: Literature-for-the-sake-of-Literature.

The authors we represent create unselfconscious work, pure, unadulterated statements of the individual. It is our pleasure to present the raw gaze of the artist at the world and at themselves.