Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good News Tuesday

The Illuminated Mess
A Collection of Paintings by Joseph Paul Kucinski based on the Poems of E.E. Cummings.

Book includes:
-An Introduction by Michael K. Corbin
-A Short Story by Mel Bosworth
-An Essay by Joseph Paul Kucinski
-34 High Definition Color Plates
-An Interview with the Artist
-Index, CV, Contributor Info
-64 pages, 8 x 10 inches
-Thick Glossy Cover
-$40.00 (First Edition, only 50 pressed)

YES. The Illuminated Mess is now available for pre-order. The mess drops May 10th, 2010. Trust me, this is a mess you want in your house. This is the kind of mess you love. Read Joseph's interview with Jason Behrends of Orange Alert about the mess.

Tremendous thanks to Joseph for asking me to contribute to the mess. I can't wait to get the mess all over me. Get some mess all over you too. Messyesmessyesmessyes!

Also today, Mr. Shome Dasgupta, author of the forthcoming OWC chapbook i am here And You Are Gone, has been working on a rad little project involving some rad contributors. I am one of them and yes, I include myself in the "radness." I hope that's okay.

Thanks to Shome for the invite. I love getting invited to things. I also love my new pants.


Eric Beeny said...

Sweet. Cummings is awesome. One of my favorite quotes of his:

"when man determined to destroy
himself he picked the was
of shall and finding only why
smashed it into because"

Congrats on your story, this mess looks pretty...

Mel Bosworth said...

big thanks, mr. bones. it's gonna be a real purdy mess.