Monday, April 5, 2010

We Have Winnah!

Tim Jones-Yelvington has won himself a lovely copy of Predicate thanks to this picture:

"Tim Jones-Yelvington is the Lady Gaga of the Chicago lit scene" -- Mary Hamilton, co-founder of Quickies! reading series and author of "We Know What we Are" (forthcoming, Rose Metal Press)

Fun tidbit: Tim also wore his winning ensemble to read at the Artifice launch party.

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. I'm sorry everyone couldn't win (I received some sweet entries but thought that Tim's was the most stunning) but the good news is Predicate is very much available as a free PDF download or a print copy sold for a meager $6.50. Details HERE. Or you can click on Tim.

Happy Monday, all.


Christopher said...

That is a fantastic picture. Congrats, Tim!

j said...

Wow Mel, I can see what you meant by a "different direction." Mine was kindergarten compared to the winnah.

And Tim, you have my congratulations for both your winning photo AND for living in the best urban aread in the world!