Saturday, April 10, 2010

Writers' Bloc 10, Space, Huge, What The F Are We Doing Here?

New issue of Writers' Bloc. I am a tiny star in space. Thanks to Kevin Dickinson and the awesome people of Writers' Bloc. Always a visual feast. Wow.

Check out goodness from Michael J. Solender, Stacey Balkun, Susan Brown, and many more.

And don't forget about their PAYING contest. Yes.

Also this fine Saturday, P.H. Madore needs you. First of all, he wants you to recognize, mothereffer! Then you could win a computer. For real. But first you must RECOGNIZE! (Love you, buddy. Remember to laugh more.)

Now let's watch a spry Vince Carter dunk over some stiff. 


Anonymous said...

Fructose Affection. I enjoyed this very much ~

Michael Solender said...

your write at writers' bloc is a supernova mel and your reading made it that much more galactic

Jason Jordan said...

USA! USA! The dunk was against France no less, which makes it extra special for those who prefer to call French fries and French kisses Freedom fries and Freedom kisses.

Mel Bosworth said...

Thanks, Anon. You are nice.

Thanks, Michael, and back at you. No black holes in the issue.

Jason: FREEDOM KISSES! Ha ha! I love that dunk.

Karyn said...

Anon was me. Don't know what happened there. And I really did enjoy 'Fructose Affection' very much :-)

Glen Binger said...

DUNK! So good.