Monday, May 3, 2010

May Is My Favorite Color

Well, maybe it's not my favorite color, but I do like it. October is my favorite color, but it's not in the neighborhood at the moment. But lots of other awesome things are in the neighborhood. Yes.

The 1000th Monkey Zine from OWC is out and about. And it's pretty awesome. I received my Monkey in the mail today. It's available as a free PDF too. Learn more about the Monkey and how to get the Monkey HERE.

decomP is fresh and handsome. Tia Prouhet slings some damn fine poetry.

Each Monday during the month of May, Dark Sky Magazine will be hosting a video from MBRT. Righteous. Be sure to dig on some great words by Ryan Bradley.

Sheldon Lee Compton(country gentleman, amazing writer, co-proprietor of Wrong Tree Review along with the equally awesome Jarrid Deaton)invited me over to his campfire recently for a crackling interview. Thanks again, Shel.

Ethel Rohan makes the goodness and covers Monday with class and grace.

xTx has awesome feet.

Dude. Get messy.

The Celtics are playing the Cavs in round two of the NBA playoffs.



Christy Crutchfield said...

Are those fox pups?

Mel Bosworth said...


Paula Ray said...

May is my favorite color....Great line! I agree. I'm a flower junkie and all my faves are in bloom in May. The world is a Monet painting during this time of year.

You always take time to recognize other's works...that is fabulous. can you NOT fall in love with her?

Mel Bosworth said...

thanks, paula. and ethel is the shizz, no doubt.