Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fine People Keeping the World Fine

Roxane Gay, like Brad from Extract (thank you, Ben Affleck, for being hysterical) crushes ass. That's just something she does. And for the entire month of June at Necessary Fiction she crushed some serious ass as Writer In Residence.

Gigantic thanks to Roxane for putting together an awesome month filled with fineness. And ass crushing.

Extra gigantic supersized thanks to Roxane for bringing me into the ass crush fold. Peep my contribution HERE, and my reflection HERE.

Big ups to Steve Himmer and Necessary Fiction. Keep your eyes open as the calendar turns the corner into July, where the mighty William Walsh will be Writer In Residence.



Matt DeBenedictis said...

Ass crushin'. Now we're talking.

xTx said...

winner. that was a winner.

Eric Beeny said...

Awesome piece, Bozzy. I love the rhythmic chugging that mirrors Chloe's machine friends here: "I was left with only a sense of her movements as she—was she?—reached—reaching?—for me..."

And "juxtaposed, I suppose..." We'll turn you into an MC yet...

Mel Bosworth said...

you cats rock. like a flock. of awesome birds. that fly. okay. love.