Friday, September 10, 2010

all at once, all for you

"Mel kind of scares the shit out of me..." is not something I often hear but when I do it makes me grin.

Huge thanks to Amber Sparks and Necessary Fiction for slowly revealing the artifacts of the ancient city. My bit came on the heels of an outstanding bit by Christy Crutchfield. Guh. Stay tuned for more. The project is mind-bogglingly amazing.

Country gentleman Sheldon Lee Compton's new literary venture A-Minor is playing some sweet music. Catch up, submit.

It smells like autumn today and I have The Crow on the brain but it's still summer, dammit, and Paul Corman-Roberts reminds us of that over at xTx's house with his awesome contribution(s) to Zombie Summer.

Eric Beeny's collection Snowing Fireflies is out and about, friends. And it is killer. Folded Word Press only produces 75 copies of the hand-made chapbook. You really need to get one.

Ben Tanzer is having no problems at all with 99 Problems. And why would he? Dude is incredible.

You need to submit to the Freight contest.

You need to buy Artifice Magazine Issue #2 (I need to too).

You need to check out the Rendezvous. Big ups to the Cinnamon Urns for a great show there last night.

Lots of links, I know. All at once, all for you, minus the 30 hours of pain.

Hang on to summer, homies. Hang on.


Tracy Lucas said...

So much data. So little time.
Aw, hell. I don't need to eat.

xTx said...

you and C-Town's back to back awesomes at Nec Fic, aaahhh yeeeeaaahhhh......... blowin up them innernets....

Christy Crutchfield said...

Boy howdy, you sure are nice.

Ethel Rohan said...

I like lots of links, all at once, thank you.

Glen Binger said...

endless summer.

Great linkage.