Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn 2010

Peak foliage is pretty much over here in western Massachusetts. And it happened quickly. Probably about 4 days ago. Maybe 5. The summer drought choked the trees pretty hard. It was a hot, dry summer. Lawns were scorched yellow and brown for much of it.

But the lawns are green now. And the colors still hang. They're not as vibrant as they were just a few days ago, but they're still pretty. I think so, anyway.

Here are some pics I took this afternoon. It was 57 degrees today. Sunny, a bit breezy. I love this weather. I might not be able to bottle it, but I can blog it. Ha. I can do that.

Get outside when you can. It's nice out there. Even when it's not.


xTx said...

the pic of the big red tree with the picnic bench underneath it is stunning.

Mel Bosworth said...

you come see someday. we eat cookies. drink hot things.

Ethel Rohan said...

Gorgeous photos, Mel, thanks for posting.

Christy Crutchfield said...

makes winter worth it

Mel Bosworth said...

yeah it do