Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

...for the longest time I used to play The Moody Blues' Tuesday Afternoon every Tuesday afternoon. It may have been a bit obsessive compulsive, but it was pleasant.

And speaking of pleasant, some extremely pleasant things happened today.

First off, Mr. Jason Behrends blasted my forthcoming novella Grease Stains with the orange spotlight over at Orange Alert. Can't thank that man enough. He is a true champion of independent artists the world over. Gonna have to buy that man a drink someday. Or a cookie. Or both.

Next, the new issue of >kill author rips through the walls of the interweb with a little help from xTx who rocks the introduction mic like Chuck D. Or maybe Jill Scott. The point is, she rocks it.

Issue Nine is named after Kurt Vonnegut, and features awesomes J. Bradley, Ani Smith, Howie Good, Mickey Hess, Ravi Mangla, Hazel Foster, and many more. Read my creepy contribution HERE.

Thanks, as always, to the anonymous curators of >kill author. You never let us down.

Now go read, but first, The Moody Blues.


gamefaced said...

moody blues always.
fyi - i have extensive moody blues vinyl.
i play it on my fisherprice record player.
no lie.

Mel Bosworth said...

that is amazing

Jason Jordan said...

Congrats on the >ka piece! I'll read it soon.

Mel Bosworth said...

thanks, jason! and congrats on your >ka nomination! boogatz!!!!

Eric Beeny said...

Another great piece of work, Bozzy. You're a piece of work...

Mel Bosworth said...

large thanks, mr. bones.