Monday, November 15, 2010

An Insane Monday Roundup of Sorts

From where I sit, here, at my little desk in my little world, I don't see many Mondays like this. Things generally come at an easy pace. It's how I've designed it for myself because I don't like feeling overwhelmed. One of the joys (and one of the weird things) about the internet is our ability to craft our own little reality tunnels through which we can see the things important to us, the things we want to see. I suppose life is not so different. Hm.

Today I've seen a whole lot of things gushing toward me. And in a way it's overwhelming, despite the parameters I've established for myself, but it's also exhilarating because I know I might not see another Monday like this anytime soon.

Forgive the barrage of links and information. It's been a wild day, at least the way I see it.

First and foremost: He Is Talking to the Fat Lady by xTx. If it ain't sold out yet you can bet your ass it will be soon. Don't mess around. Just get it at Safety Third Enterprises, yo.

Next: Today marks the one year anniversary of Folded Word's entry into print, and that is pretty awesome. They'll be running a series of specials from now until the end of the year. From Folded Word: "Our first special begins today (15 November 2010) and runs through Sunday (21 November 2010). For every unsigned copy of Jessie Carty’s Paper House you buy, you get a free Green Edition copy of The Wait of Atom. The free chapbooks may be shipped along with your order or mailed to someone else, simply specify your preference in the comment section during checkout."

...They also do gift wrapping. For reals. I'm serious when I tell you that I can think of very few indie outfits that put as much time and energy into their customer service as Folded Word.

Next up: Tanzer. Bradley. These guys are a tag-team from Mt. Olympus or something. Ryan Bradley is interviewed over at Dark Sky by Brad Green. Ben Tanzer's story Cool, Not Removed is now available as a free pdf download over at Artistically Declined Press, the brainchild of Mr. Bradley. Blammy blam.

And next: There's a new issue of Bound Off ready for your ears, featuring work by Karen Sosnoski and Tania Malik.

And more: The Collagist drops their latest, with work from Andrew Borgstrom, Maya Janson, and more.

And on we go: November Word Riot, with Hunter Choate, Gary Percesepe, mas, more, mas.

And: Today I received a copy of Transition by Dorothee Lang, part of the Blue Print Review micro series, and it is gorgeous. And have you seen Blue Print Review's Carnival project?

Also: 10 Online Lit Mags You Should Be Reading. Pretty awesome. Go PANK! Go Bartleby Snopes! Go >kill author! Go decomP! Whoop whoop!

And then: Keyhole 10. I boughts. You buy?

Then this: Amber Sparks writes about Wallace Stevens at Big Other.

Lastly: I am listening to this song:


TBWCYL, Inc. said...

Big thanks Eye Brains.

Mel Bosworth said...


Ethel Rohan said...

Hell of a round-up, Mel. Well done. And well done in PANK.

Mel Bosworth said...

Thank you, Ethel.

Dorothee said...

what a monday, indeed! and here i was, thinking i launch "Carnival" in the middle of the month as that's usually the time were things are a bit slower. oh well.
cool that the micro transition finally arrived :)

Mel Bosworth said...

thank you, dorothee, for transition, and for all you do. your kindness crosses oceans.

j said...

Thanks for the anniversary love, too!

Mel Bosworth said...

ahhhhh yeah!