Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thunderclap! 5

Starring all your favorite crazies: Ben Tanzer, Len Kuntz, Sheldon Lee Compton, Matt Salesses, Susan Gibb, Julie Innis, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Jesse Bradley, and a whole lot more. I managed to slip into this issue, too, with my tiny story The Bicyclist. BOP BOP, yo.

Thanks to the fine Thunderclapping folks Robert Vaughan and Amanda Deo for putting it all together, and also to Ryan Bradley for the cover design.

Available in multiple formats HERE and HERE. Choose your weapon.


Shel Compton said...

Thunderclapping, indeed, hoss! They've done a fine job. Packed.

And oh man...I'm gonna be all about it if the Bulls get up against the Celts. Let the trash talk begin, my good friend. Let it begin.

Stay awesome, hoss.

Mel Bosworth said...

the playoffs are going to be scary. man oh man.