Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Flingin' with MMR

Thanks to Rae Bryant, Roxane Gay, & the Moon Milk Review crew for putting together the Spring 2011 issue. Winter was long, cold, long, and cold, and it's over now, good and gone and behind us. Let us speak of it no more.


Instead, let us read quietly. Congrats go out to Anne Earney for kicking my ass in the Winter 2011 Prosetry contest. Read Anne's winning piece HERE. Read my 2nd place piece HERE.

Then dig around in the rest of the issue HERE. Dig dig dig. Dig in the garden. Make things grow in the dirt. It's good.


Tyler Gobble said...

Holy shit, Mel. That piece is killer. I love the way the narrator's voice wanders. The juxtaposition of the sister/clown baby with the birds is top-notch. A truly cool thing, showing an awesome mix of solid language and well-crafted story.

mugshot said...

i would hold a baby like this:

Mel Bosworth said...

Tyler: Big thanks, sir. My clown baby grins and eats spaghetti.

Adam: Too funny. I miss Corky.