Sunday, August 28, 2011

ode to irene

clear of debris
and branches and
cars and cats
and roads and toads
and teachers and doctors
boats and towers
naked but for a spiral
of wind and wet
i stand and tilt and kick
and push and rush and jolt
against and with
the curling swirly whirl
of irene
this bar of soap
my partner my suds
my cleanliness
my, my my
my oh my


Anonymous said...

Hey Mel, not sure if you remember me but I just stumbled upon your blog and thought your name looked familar. I met you through Morning, I use to live with her in Amherst. You came over to visit a few times :). This was about 10 years ago. Any how ,I remember you saying that you were going to write a book. Look at you now!!! I see you have written many books! Amazing!!! I can not wait to buy one of your books ,get all cozy with a good cup of tea and sink my eyes into it!! Nice to see your face again after all these years :)

Mel Bosworth said...

thanks, crystal! time sure does fly. man oh man. wishing you nothing but the best. drop me a note at eddiesocko[at]gmail[dot]com sometime.