Thursday, December 15, 2011

triple nipple grub lure or three great lists that taste great together

We all work really hard. It's true. And so I'm humbled and honored to have my novel appear on three outstanding lists compiled by some really outstanding writers/readers/hardhat worker mothergrabbers. This little land we inhabit can be thrilling and exhausting, and today I happily collapse.

Thanks to Amber Sparks for including my novel on her Best Of list at Big Other HERE.

Thanks to the beautiful team at Dark Sky Magazine for including my novel on their Best Of list HERE.

And thanks to Mr. Jason Jordan, author and E-I-C of decomP Magazine, for giving my novel a most gracious nod HERE.

Okay, break is over. Get back to work.


Jason Jordan said...

Congrats, Mel. I'm glad to see your novel getting positive attention.

Mel Bosworth said...

Thanks, Jason. It's been a nice week, thanks in part to you.