Sunday, September 23, 2012

after the equinox

Somewhere in the world there is a Russian woman looking through a hole in a five dollar bill, and a man plotting a Mustache Tuesday, and another man sitting on a toilet reading a book of poetry by an author who has dark hair and a penis, and a pumpkin on a late-September windowsill (it's open a crack), and a woman reading aloud on a bed, but quietly, and a football team playing in a bright stadium against another football team and someone is wearing the color red and someone else is wearing the color green (I think), and somewhere there are small cats sleeping, and hamsters doing whatever it is they do with newspaper, making nests, that's it, and maybe I want to make a nest, too, but out of shredded documents, and maybe somewhere there's a nest and it's filled with sleeping hamsters, and maybe our noses are pressed to the cool glass, and maybe you'll remember that one time I saved us from something terrible.

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