Monday, December 3, 2012

a fine monday in december

it's a fine monday in december. earlier i ran a few miles. i took off my gloves. i didn't have a hat on to begin with. i sweated a lot. then i read some stuff online. i opened windows. it's really nice to open windows in december. the air feels nice. the sun, too. i remind myself it's still autumn. at noon i eat a bit of food. my slippers have been kicked into their corner. it's jungle moc time now. and a yellow button shirt i've been waiting to wear. i listen to the voices on social networks. i see what they're doing, hoping, yelling. it's something. and the most important thing is to live something. we're all doing that, if not always wittingly.

this is nice. only a few copies left for sale. i hope you're fine. make sure to tell me if you're not. i'll  hear you.

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