Thursday, March 21, 2013


Alias/Known As: “Bill Giles”

Real name: Mel Bosworth

Number of victims: 14


~Appeared mysteriously in various cities throughout Massachusetts.
~Operated under the name “Bill Giles.”
~Introduced/approached various local politicians and business tycoons at locations of leisure (restaurants, bars).
~Offered drinks and reportedly gained confidence of proposed victims with remarkable efficiency.
~Left victims where he met them before toxic concoction placed in their drinks took hold.
~Used a mixture of household cleaners and anomalous liquids to blend a hemorrhage-inducing effect.
~Victims coughed up blood and expired approximately 1.2 hrs after ingestion.
~Name “Bill Giles,” the authority’s only lead, found to be a false-identity.
~”Bill Giles” discovered to be name of first victim.

Be Mine

“’I’m into redheads.’

‘Same here.’ Sips his whiskey.
’And brunettes.’ Almost mistakenly finishes his drink, stops, sets it down on the bar disappointingly.
‘And blondes.’ Sips his whiskey, frowns at the fading flavor of the whiskey after being watered down by the melting ice. Abandons the drink and steals the drink of someone next to him. Doesn’t seem at all worried about what might be in the drink. Just needs a drink. Can’t be here without a drink.
‘Except blondes.’
‘What do you have against blondes?’ Flicks a little piece of napkin at the other guy.
‘They’re boring. Everyone’s a blonde these days. I like a little character.’
‘So a blonde lacks character?’
‘Yes, a blonde lacks character. Blame it on the media.’ Finishes drink.
‘You blame everything on the media.’ Discovers the wrapper of a cigar in the drink. Takes it out and continues drinking anyway.
‘The media has its eyes in everything. Problem is they only see what they want to see.’”

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