Thursday, October 1, 2009


Another month.

Two amazing things(well, more than two, technically):

Dispatch 13 from Dispatch Litareview. Silk drama by Duncan Whitmire and a sweet song by Mike Young. Artwork by the ubiquitous Christy Call.

P.H. Madore is tireless. He is a man without nap. Someone get that man a nap.

Second, the new edition of elimae. xTx, Jimmy Chen, Meg Pokrass, Howie Good, Tim Jones-Yelvington, more. Go.

...So much out there. These are only two. Well, more than two, technically.


xTx said...

hey..thanks for the shout out.

I just wanted to confirm the whole "PH needs a nap" thing. S'true.

j said...

That tree! OH, that tree. Press a leaf and mail it to me.

*on my knees begging*

Mel Bosworth said...

leaf. i can hijack a leaf.