Monday, November 2, 2009

November News & Stuffs

November is upon us. The clocks have been set back, the full moon is rising, and even though Halloween is over there's still lots of goodies out there to be had.

As always, the new issues of decomP and elimae are rocking the spot.

Ellen Parker of FRiGG Magazine talks about Flash Fiction at VIPs on vsf.

David Erlewine, Roxane Gay, Eric Beeny, and Ethel Rohan are EV ER Y WHERE, and deservedly so.

xTx finds a friend in Dave.

Prick of the Spindle's first foray into print is now available for pre-0rder.

As is Caleb J Ross's collection Charactered Pieces.

Ben Tanzer's MLP chapbook I am richard simmons is available right now.

The aforementioned xTx's ebook Nobody Trusts a Black Magician is available for free.

Folded Word Press launches unFold.

The Celtics roll to 4-0.

Manu Ginobili catches vampire bat.

Life is funny.


Ethel Rohan said...

Thanks, Mel, for the mention and many great links. I LOVE how creative and clever you're getting with your blog, pressure for the rest of us :-)))))

Mel Bosworth said...

ha! no pressure, ethel. i'm just trying to have fun.

Eric Beeny said...

And here's to fun. Good stuff, sir...

Ethel Rohan said...

I'm back just to tell you that my little sister, all the way from her little house in Ireland, informed me this morning via phone that she watched you read "Word Gatherer" on YouTube and thought you were "super sexy." :-)

Mel Bosworth said...

that is too funny, ethel. your little sister single? i've always wanted to visit Ireland.

ha ha!