Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New at Annalemma

(click image to enlarge)

Annalemma Magazine has a new look and a new print issue, and this week they also have a new story by me available online. Read "Swallow" here, and enjoy the awesomely disturbing artwork by Julia Maranto.

I couldn't be more pleased to be a part of the Annalemma family. Christopher Heavener is the shizz. For reals.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mud luscious issue 9

mud luscious issue 9 is upon us, with outstanding work from Roxane Gay, Meg Pokrass, Bradley Sands, Kate Wyer, David Peak, and others. And me.

Many thanks to J.A. Tyler and mud luscious.

Shape of a Box

Issue 51 of Shape of a Box is now live, featuring a short fiction piece by me.

I'm thrilled and honored to be a part of the Shape family, and some thank yous are in order.

Thank you to Jessie Carty for creating Shape of a Box, You Tube's first literary magazine, now on the cusp of entering its 2nd year. Thank you also for letting this piece live there.

Thank you to J.S. Graustein(of Folded Word) & her creative team for the amazing production. May your hard work never go unnoticed.

Please watch, enjoy, and share the video. And be sure to check out Shape of a Box's blog here.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Lorianne, the brilliant mind behind the writing community 13 Stitches, was kind enough and awesome enough to put together this video rendition of the first two chapters of the collaborative experiment known as SHUDDER PAGEANT(xTx & Bosworth).

BIG thanks to Lorianne for her love, support, and hard work. You rock hard.

SHUDDER PAGEANT PDF & MP3 downloads available here(look up and to the right) and HERE.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Parade Outside My Window

Volume 3.3 of Prick of the Spindle. Outstanding. Cynthia Reeser gets an A+.

This from NOO is cool too.

I know it's autumn now. There is a parade outside my window.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Collaborations are hard. Like marriages. They require time, patience and work.

And trust.

If I find myself riding shotgun, there aren’t a whole lot of people I trust behind the wheel. But as it so happens, xTx is one of them. That woman can drive.

Our first collaboration was a silly wreck. But fun. Brandi Wells Review was kind enough to host “Flippant.” (Thanks again, Brandi)

Later, we decided to try it again. But we decided to try a little harder.

SHUDDER PAGEANT is the result.

It comes in two pieces:



Left-click to view/listen, Right-click to “Save link as…”

(Suggestion to reader: Save both. Take your time and give yourself the full experience. Follow along as we read the work for you. Reading time is 00:27:05)

xTx and I are very proud of our little critter, but our little critter is now your little critter too.



Thanks in advance to those brave enough to download our creation. It's dedicated to you.

….SHUDDER PAGEANT is also available HERE.

Notice: SHUDDER PAGEANT contains graphic material. Consider yourself warned.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"SHUDDER PAGEANT" drops Monday, September 21st, 2009

Yes, SHUDDER PAGEANT is nearly here.

"What's SHUDDER PAGEANT?" you ask.

SHUDDER PAGEANT is the title of a collaborative experiment created by myself and the inimitable xTx. It's




And it's going to be free.



"Where can I find SHUDDER PAGEANT when it comes out? Can my friends get one too?"

We'll give you all the details you need on Monday, September 21st. And yes, there will be plenty of SHUDDER PAGEANT to go around.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

some new (it's still summer...technically)

new & awesome new look PANK.

new Dispatch Litareview.

new The Collagist.

new Shape of a Box.

new PicFic.


new & also awesome new look annalemma.

soon new collaborative experiment birthed by myself and xTx. keep your eyes open.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Things have been landing in my hands of late. Good things, perhaps great things, things to read, things to walk with, things to snooze beside.

Here are a few of the awesome things that have come my way in recent days...

NOO #10. I managed to grab the last copy at Northampton Coffee today. I also grabbed a black tea. Yummy. Big ups to Mike Young. Looking forward to reading this on my favorite chair. Heh. Heh heh.

Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine by Ben Tanzer. This came from the awesome Jason Behrends of Orange Alert. He also sent along some extra toys and trinkets. Even more awesome.

Dead End Road by Richard Wink. I'll probably never meet Richard Wink, but if I did, I think I'd try to give him a bear hug. I'm not sure why. Maybe because he published an ad I wrote for my old Blazer at Gloom Cupboard. Or maybe because he seems like one of the kindest, coolest cats around.

Lastly, Scorch Atlas by Blake Butler. Yes, it's time to see what all the buzz is about. Next week Mr. Butler will be reading at Schoen Books in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. I shall be attending. Come watch me slide tackle Blake mid-reading. It will be LEGEND.

...But on a serious note, thanks to everyone who labored over the production of these works, from root to fruit. I can't wait to dig in. My autumn is looking...good. And my eyes are hungry.


More BULL.


Better STAPLE JOB than my previous attempt.



I currently have in my possession 10 BULLS.

I have 5 color copies of BULL NO. 2 SPRING 2009 featuring DJ Swykert, Paul Silverman, Willam Haas, Ben Nardolilli, and others.

I have 5 color copies of BULL NO.3 SUMMER 2009 featuring Doug Murano, Steven Wingate, Bruce Harris, Sean Sullivan, Mel Bosworth (that's me!), and others.

I know you want a copy. I know you want good mail. Send along your name and mailing address to eddiesocko at gmail dot com. Tell me which one you'd like sent to your doorstep. I'll also include a handwritten haiku (and although the haiku isn't guaranteed to be good, the BULL is).

If I should happen to run out of BULLS by the time you come a'knocking, I'll send you...something.

Also, be sure to visit BULL: FICTION FOR THINKING MEN. You can download issues there for free.

...oh, yes. Yes, you can.

Big thanks to Jarrett Haley. Big thanks to YOU.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


new month. new decomP. new elimae. i'm in elimae. so are lots of awesome people. i'm not in decomP. but lots of awesome people are. read elimae. read decomP.

read me. read things.

then go to sleep. or wake up.

thank you. cooper renner is my hero.