Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Better Late Than Tuesday

...although Tuesday promises to be equally exciting.

MONDAY! So many amazing things happened on MONDAY! Monday is the new Friday, and lately, in my case, Monday actually IS Friday.

What happened on Monday?

Well, the crew at Dark Sky dropped their new-look website. Wow. Super slick, super awesome, super Rohan. Sweet lord. Cut Through The Bone is available for pre-order on October 15th. Yes, do some of that.

Brad Green takes over the controls for the Spotlight Series and immediately turns the brights on Joseph Young.

And Dark Sky unveils the Fall/Winter issue of their magazine. The print mag won't be released until November 15th, but fear not, friends, because you can read the whole mother online RIGHT NOW.

Giant thanks to Kevin Murphy of Dark Sky for squeezing me into the issue alongside the likes of Gabe Durham, Jensen Beach, Jac Jemc, J. Michael Wahlgren, and many more. Read an excerpt from my forthcoming novel Freight HERE.

Wow. So that happened.

And what else did Monday bring? An awesome announcement, that's what.

Safety Third Enterprises announced their next release, He is Talking to the Fat Lady by none other than xTx. The chapbook is slated to drop November 15th, and it's going to be amazing, of that we can be sure.

HUGE congrats to my friend xTx. She busts her ass everyday out here and I love to see her hard work paying off. Can't wait to get me a signed copy (that's right, x, you gonna mark it up for me!).

Lastly, the proof ain't always in the pudding because today it was in my hands.

Endless thanks to Brown Paper Publishing for helping me execute one of the best recoveries in the history of independent publishing. Grease Stains returns soon.


Ryan W. Bradley said...

mondays are my saturdays.

dark sky is that girl who blossoms over night. that new look is dangerous!

FREIGHT?! Aww, shit, man.

xTx said...


Kevin said...

thanks for the love, mel. keep rockin it greasy...

Mel Bosworth said...

all y'all is HERO, yo. HERO!

Ethel Rohan said...

Thanks, Mel! I'm so happy for you, xTx, Brad Green and Kevin Murphy. Good times.

Mel Bosworth said...

ethel! your book promo KILLS. so good.

Glen Binger said...

This entire post got me PUMPED!

The new DSM site is freakin' sexy. As is the new Grease Stains.


Mel Bosworth said...

big BOOM, G!

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Mel, Thanks for the xTx and Safety Third love. Let's start a crime syndicate. Spoke with the sun and slipped the moon a dose of pills. We're good to go.

Mel Bosworth said...

you know i'm in, matt.