Monday, February 14, 2011

Pilot Books & Grease Stains

Pilot Books in Seattle, Washington is a place I would very much like to visit someday.

"Since June 2009, Pilot Books has been a West Coast epicenter for writers, small press publishers, and literary obscurists of all shades and stripes. We’re volunteer run. Smaller than a breadbox. And we’re obsessed with the weirdo chic art known as indie lit."

Learn more about Pilot Books HERE. And if you're in the area, stop in and grab yourself a copy of my novella Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom. That's right- it's on the west coast now, too.

Thanks to Pilot Books for being cool, and, of course, thanks to Pablo D'stair and Brown Paper Publishing for being a little bit crazy.

Happy Valentine's Day, all.

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