Sunday, February 20, 2011

Writer Fight Champions II

The votes were cast and the people chose their champions:

Roxane Gay & Scott McClanahan.

You can view the scorecards here and here.

Congrats to you both. Roxane remains undefeated, and Scott managed to knock Bell from his throne. You've both earned bragging rights for all eternity.

The fights were a bit lop-sided this go-round, but that's not to say that Bell & Glaser didn't give it their all. They've got a lot to be proud of.

Be sure to tune in next time when you'll be able to cast your votes on Roxane vs Tyrannosaurus Rex (because I'm not sure there's a living human out there who can beat her in a fist fight) and McClanahan'll see. I'm kind of itching for a Jason Jordan vs John Madera. Perhaps the winner of that one can take on McClanahan.

In the meantime, keep your hands up and protect yourself at all times.

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