Friday, July 29, 2011

Come Get Tanzer

I'm giving away a copy of Ben Tanzer's glorious new novella My Father's House. Simply email me at eddiesocko[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject line "I WANT TANZER." You can write other stuff too in the email if you want. I'll pick a winner tomorrow morning, and if that winner gets back to me quick enough with their mailing address, the book will go out tomorrow as well.

Thanks for playing, and good luck.

Update 7/30/2011: Winner chosen, contest closed. Thanks, all.

Monday, July 25, 2011

FREIGHT love at The Open End

" everything and takes nothing. It shines brightly."

Huge thanks to Michael Davidson for his wonderful review of my novel FREIGHT. Read the entire review at The Open End HERE.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

CC Be Good

Christy Crutchfield leaves a permanent mark on The Good Men Project with an excerpt from her in-search-of-a-great-home-come-and-get-some-amazing-novel How to Catch a Coyote. Read her contribution HERE.

Also, Wild Wolves gets another nice nod, this time from the folks at Full Stop. Much appreciated.

Take care, Amy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood

sure things get slow in the summertime, or maybe busy, who knows, but it's always nice to take some time out to visit your friendly neighborhood OWC. there's stuff there, like book reviews and cool videos and other stuff too. it's a nice place. recently i reviewed Tiff Holland's forthcoming Rose Metal Press book Betty Superman there.

you should go check it out. drink lots of water. it's summertime. it's hot out there.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

kitty haz book

Pre-orders won't last forever, which is to say pre-order pricing won't last forever. $1 shipping worldwide, y'all. Get yer Freight on HERE.

"...I love Mel Bosworth's Freight..."
Michael Kimball, author of Us

Friday, July 8, 2011

very nice friday

very nice friday for me. for you, too? well, i hope so.

my wild wolves howled today at metazen.

*update 7/9/11: The good folks at VOUCHED gave Wild Wolves some love. Sweetness.

i had lunch with great people in new hampshire, one of whom is the publisher of my novel freight.

speaking of freight, it got its first review from Mr. Alex Pruteanu, author of Short Lean Cuts. Here's a sample:

"Freight is the elegant, sensitive story of a man who carries things with him. Within him. Around him. And sometimes even above him. Freight is the story of every man. Or...EveryMan. Sometimes he discards things because the burden gets too heavy or because it sickens him, and sometimes he takes on too much. But he really doesn't discard all of anything. Bits of things remain for him to haul along. Things. You know these things well. They're life. Your life."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

daily dick canoe

first there was some niceness over at the Daily s-Press.

then there was some scandalous activity over at HTML GIANT.

in between there was canoe. sweet, sweet canoe. and water. and miller high life.

very nice. it's summertime.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Father's House by Ben Tanzer

It's nearly here, and it's great. Order it HERE. Add it on goodreads HERE. Say hi to Ben HERE.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Three Smashing Gentlemen & A Plastic Wrestler

Hosho McCreesh wants you to get some. He wants you to get some McCreesh. And I for one think you should. The Pushcart and Best-of-the-Web nominee and author of For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed... is smashing things up Ebook-style. Learn more HERE.

Also smashing things up is Pablo D'Stair, founder of Brown Paper Publishing and KUBOA and curator of The Predicate Dialogues. In true Pablo form, he is smashing things up free-style. Click HERE to learn more.

Lastly, I've been sending out blurb copies & thank you copies & review copies of my novel FREIGHT. Kevin Murphy of Dark Sky Magazine & Books took a great picture of my novel with his favorite toy. I just wanted to share. Because it makes me smile.