Wednesday, September 9, 2009


More BULL.


Better STAPLE JOB than my previous attempt.



I currently have in my possession 10 BULLS.

I have 5 color copies of BULL NO. 2 SPRING 2009 featuring DJ Swykert, Paul Silverman, Willam Haas, Ben Nardolilli, and others.

I have 5 color copies of BULL NO.3 SUMMER 2009 featuring Doug Murano, Steven Wingate, Bruce Harris, Sean Sullivan, Mel Bosworth (that's me!), and others.

I know you want a copy. I know you want good mail. Send along your name and mailing address to eddiesocko at gmail dot com. Tell me which one you'd like sent to your doorstep. I'll also include a handwritten haiku (and although the haiku isn't guaranteed to be good, the BULL is).

If I should happen to run out of BULLS by the time you come a'knocking, I'll send you...something.

Also, be sure to visit BULL: FICTION FOR THINKING MEN. You can download issues there for free.

...oh, yes. Yes, you can.

Big thanks to Jarrett Haley. Big thanks to YOU.


Teresa Houle said...

A handwritten Haiku? Oh I've got to see this!! Send me a #2, and by that I mean the Bull #2. I'll take one of those Haikus in your crafty calligraphy as well.

tia prouhet said...

Don't ask if I want things. Just send them to me. You know I want them. I always want them. I expect they are both already in transit. I shall, in return, send you a cd which is delightful and adorable, unlike the last one which may have encouraged you to start cutting. I do not encourage cutting. It was a fluke. Your cd is almost finished. Ahem.

Mel Bosworth said...

Teresa: Rocket! Ye-ah! (Def Leppard?)

Tia: brown trout.(poo?)


Teresa Houle said...

Yes, Def Leppard - Hysteria. You got it locked in my ears now. Unforgivable.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on BULL, squire. V impressive!

Mel Bosworth said...

tia: filthy.

gavin: thanks, sir. congrats on lesser flamingo!