Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writer Fight: Butler vs Bell

Well, we all know they can both write. Matt Bell produces heavy hitting work like How They Were Found, and Blake Butler sets the world on fire with titles like Scorch Atlas.

However, the question is, can they fight? And what would happen if they fought each other? Would they even want to fight each other? And if they did, who would win? Wouldn't you like to know, even a little?

So today marks installment #1 of Writer Fight, pitting your favorite writers against each other in a UFC-style bout that exists solely in our warped imaginations, or at least in mine.

Choose your champion. The poll will close once we have a clear winner (or by Friday), and then that winner will take on....?


Find the winner HERE

**note: No writers were harmed during the making of this poll. All in good fun, folks.


Brad Green said...

Gotta pick Bell. You know Blake would see a falling cookie or maybe a dog dreaming of an egg and Matt would use that opportunity to execute some Flying Scissor Heel Hook and send Blake off to happy-dreamy land.

But then Blake would wake up having written a thousand pages in 6 hours, so it's kinda a wash.

Tracy Lucas said...

This poll, which I've seen second in my backwards-ass Eye Brain reading order (sorry), is even tougher somehow than the Roxane VS xTx conundrum.

Those two are similar in my mind; these two, opposites.

Granted, I know neither very well personally... but Bell strikes me as someone with quiet class who could surprise the shit out of any opponent, and Butler strikes me as the crazy-ass type to pull every punch you'd never think of and bite your ear off and then offer you a smoke.

So it's Hannibal-Lectory stillness, charm, and chill VS drunken-monkey mojo and violently chaotic basassery.

God, no clue.

Lots of blood, though.

How do you come UP with these pairings, Mel?
You're killing me here.
Killing. Me.

Jason Jordan said...

Cool idea. Hopefully Mills Lane or Steve Mazzagatti can ref.

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Will alcohol be ingested before the fight. This would change many ideas of what could come of this fight.

Mel Bosworth said...

everything that could happen in this fight is up to your imagination.

BlogSloth said...

Run, run, Butler.